Rose Arbor Townhouse Community
Rose Arbor Townhouse Community

Unit Modification Request Form

TO: Unit Owners
FROM: Architectural Control Committee
RE: Unit Modifications

The Association's Master Deed requires that approval of the Association must be obtained before any exterior or major interior repair work is begun. Association approval is not required for minor repairs or redecorating the interior of the unit.

Association approval is also required by the Morris Township Building Department prior to their issuance of any of the required building, plumbing or electrical permits.

Please complete the following form and submit to the Association's office in duplicate.


Association Responsibilities

The responsibility of the Association is to maintain, preserve, and control the "Common" or shared areas of the Association, protect the investment and enhance the value of the property owned by the members.

The association maintains the exterior of the buildings (except windows and doors), the sidewalks and roads. It also provides the snow removal and landscaping for the community. For further details, please refer to your Public Offering Statement, which you should have received at your closing.

The association does not maintain the interior of the unit. For further details, please refer to your Public Offering Statement.

Doing Your Part

The key to a successful Association is the support and enthusiasm of the membership - and since you're a member, that means you.  Again and again, Association leaders say that member apathy is the plague of the Association - This is true. Be actively involved in the Association ... serve on the Board, serve on a committee, lend your abilities where they will be the most useful.  You can also contribute by doing the following:

1. Pay your Association assessment on time.

2. Be cooperative, follow the rules and help where you can.

3. Participate in a meaningful way by serving on one of the following standing committees:

  • Architectural Control Committee - approves all changes to exterior areas of the community to ensure the integrity of the original community design.
  • Buildings and Grounds Committee - recommends and oversees items relating to grounds maintenance, such as landscaping and snow removal.
  • Communications Committee - handles communication between the Board and homeowners via newsletter, website and other forms of communication.
  • Covenants Committee - upholds the rules and regulations of the Association.
  • Finance Committee - recommends and oversees the Association budgets, assessments and investments.